“There is no design so good that it can’t be messed up by bad implementation.”

― Dr. Sravani Saha Nakhr

Translating your vision and goals into real action requires understanding:

  • how day to day actions link to the big picture

  • the strengths and weaknesses of your partners, stakeholders and staff, and

  • opportunities and constraints in your operating environment.

Riverness has extensive experience working with regional authorities, state government, community groups and individuals to deliver actions that lead to real change. We can help you to:

Prioritise and plan actions. 

Riverness has developed decision-making frameworks that identify the most effective actions to achieve results. 

Apply current best practice.

Riverness has developed standards and guidelines that ensure that project partners and staff are undertaking the most appropriate actions on-ground.

Keep your program on track towards your goals.

Riverness has developed procedures and information management systems that monitor strategy and program implementation and assess progress toward goals.

Riverness has led the development of Victorian statewide guidelines and standards for riparian and wetland management.

Get your project started.