Riverness Pty. Ltd.

FORD_RIVER_13-4-08_12.JPGRiverness was established in 2008 to provide expert advice and technical support to regional and state-wide waterway and catchment managers.

We specialise in:

  • strategic planning (particularly for freshwater ecosystems)
  • river restoration (from planning and design to implementation and review)
  • development of industry guidelines and standards (including training)
  • post-flood damage assessments and remediation planning/design
  • monitoring, evaluation and reporting solutions.

Our small team has extensive practical experience working within state and regional natural resource management organisations and the private sector.
This provides us with a unique perspective in:

  • the financial and time constraints placed on organisations
  • the different, and often competing, expectations of the community and government
  • applying both theoretical knowledge and practical experience to identify problem sources and develop workable solutions.
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